Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
cdo.connector Provides a Connector Service to communicate with the Jabylon CDO repository
cdo.server The jabylon CDO database backend
db.migration contains the scripts required for continuous database migration
common various utility methods for jabylon security, preferences, model access,...
index provides the QueryService and indexer capabilities to interact with the lucene index
properties the main (ecore) model for property files
resources provides services to load, observe and persist property files
rest.api the JSON api servlet
rest.ui contains the main portion of the jabylon user interface
review.standard contains the built-in translation checks
scheduler provides the SchedulerService and ProgressService that can be used to schedule tasks
scheduler.ui frontend for the scheduler service
security contains the security and auth related code and some initial login modules
team.git the team provider implementation for Git
users contains the user (ecore) model
logback.config logback configuration for slf4j
updatecenter Allows to manage, update, install, and uninstall Jabylon Plug-Ins
log.viewer AJAX log viewer to diagnose issues in the software
dependencies lists the dependencies necessary to provide a standalone jabylon
Karaf Jabylon Feature Creates a karaf distribution
Karaf Distribution Jabylon standalone distribution