Installing as a Standalone Application

Jabylon can be launched as a standalone application based on Apache Karaf. Start by downloading the standalone distribution and extract it to a directory of your choice. Please make sure that the user running Jabylon has write permission in this directory.

Starting Jabylon

To start Jabylon simply open a shell, cd to the directory where you extracted Jabylon and run


For more information on starting and stopping see the Karaf documentation

Jabylon should now start up and be available at http://localhost:8080.

By default, it will bind to so it will be reachable on all network interfaces. To adjust the default port and bind host you can change it in etc/

If you more advanced listener configuration you can modify etc/jetty.xml. Additional details can be found in the Karaf documentation

Integration in the operating system - Service Wrapper

To run Jabylon as an operating system service first start it in interactive mode with bin/karaf[.bat]. Once the command prompt is shown, type

feature:install service-wrapper

Next, type

wrapper:install -n jabylon -d "Jabylon translation server"

Quit the application by pressing CTRL+D and follow the instructions in the command prompt to finish the service installations. Additional details can be found in the Karaf documentation.