Upgrading Jabylon

Upgrading Jabylon is straightforward since the database and configurations are migrated automatically as the software evolves.

Database Backup

In case you need to roll back an upgrade, it is advisable to backup the database before upgrading. Jabylon uses an embedded H2 database so for a full backup it is enough to create a copy of [JABYLON_HOME]/cdo. Please note that Jabylon should be shut down before creating a database backup.


If you run Jabylon in standalone mode, extract the new version of Jabylon and copy over the work folder which contains the database and project rsources. In case you modified the host/port in etc/org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg apply your change again.

Upgrade to 1.3.0

Please note that starting from version 1.3.0 Jabylon is shipped in a Karaf container. To migrate from the old standalone distribution follow these steps:

  • Extract the new archive to a new folder
  • Move or copy the folders workspace, lucene and cdo to a folder called work in the new location
  • If you modified the jaas configuration, apply your changes to deploy/jaas.xml


If you run Jabylon as a WAR it is sufficient to deploy a new version of the WAR to the servlet container.


plug-ins can be upgraded independently of Jabylon, but if a plug-in was built against an older version of Jabylon you might have to upgrade the plug-in as well for it to stay functional.